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Kherson Story of Hamelin Ratcatcher. Or How Russians Force Civilians to Leave

Russian propagandist Anton Krasovsky of Russia.Today urged “to drown Ukrainian children”. Even his Russian colleagues publicly condemned him. However, Russian occupants implement this inhuman approach in practice by conducting deportation of Ukrainian children behind the smokescreen of “school holidays” and “evacuation”.

Захар Прилепин
Zakhar Prilepin as a Mirror of Russian Propaganda

Cultural dimension of Russian aggression is gradually gaining thorough analysis. Usual focus is put on discrepancy between Kremlin perceptions of reality and reality itself. Russian propaganda approaches towards Ukraine predetermined any Russian “public debates” about war perspectives. Russian propaganda “poisoned” its fathers. 

волонтеры мы вместе
What’s wrong with Russian «volunteers» in Donbas?

There is nothing new that Russians have specific understanding of volunteerism in humanitarian sphere. In 2014, we saw «humanitarian columns» of white trucks «Kamaz» with Russian tri-colors. After their arrival to Donbas, military actions «suddenly» resumed. Such a «humanitarian assistance» to bleeding Donbas has been delivered by Russia during eight years.  After full scale Russian…

How Russia drags occupied Ukrainian territories into its educational framework

From the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014 onwards, the Russian military aggression against Ukraine has been accompanied by cultural \ ideological aggression. Russian TV, church, Russian school manuals and «military patriotic education» intervened into occupied Crimea and Donbas after the Russian army. The full scale war launched by the Russian Federation on February 24,…

Russian Oligarchs-Winemakers on Massandra Stolen Lands and their European Allies

The will of the Russian oligarchs to own vineyards in Crimea and produce wines under their own trademarks was first implemented even before the occupation of Crimea by Russia. Vagit Alekperov, the owner of “Lukoil”, became the first owner of Crimean vineyards and Crimean wine producer. Ukrainian companies controlled by him leased lands of the…