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Will occupied Zaporizhzhia region survive without water from Kakhovka Hydro Power Station?

Zaporizhzhia region is among Ukrainian regions with scarce water resources. Rivers Dnipro and Berda, Kakhovka and Dnipro reservoirs and Kakhovka main water channel are key sources of water for local residents. As an outcome of the Russian destruction of Kakhovka Hydro Power Station, the supply of water to the south of Zaporizhzhia region has been…

Crimean Landing Party. Collaborators from Crimea and Sevastopol Run for «Elections» to Occupation Authorities of Zaporizhzhia Region

Russians and their collaborators actively prepare for illegal elections to «legislative» and «representative» bodies on newly occupied territories of Ukraine in September 2023. Russian political party «United Russia» conducts so-called preliminary electronic voting (primary elections), borrowed from the USA and other «unfriendly» countries. Participants of these primaries are local traitors and collaborators as well as…

Kremlin prepares illegal elections in the occupied South of Ukraine: first participants

Traitors and collaborators prepare to participate in illegal elections that Russia plans for autumn 2023 on the occupied part of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. By now, regional offices of only three Russian political parties («United Russia», «Communist Party of the Russian Federation» and «Liberal Democratic Party of Russia») have been registered in the Russian State…

Russian occupants accelerate compulsory issuance of Russian passports on the eve of «elections» in Zaporizhzhia region

Russian invaders and local collaborators force residents in temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia region to receive passports of the Russian Federation. «Russian governor» Yevhen Balytsky promised to give passports to 80% of local population before illegal «elections» in September 2023.

Guard dogs of Russian occupation regime in Zaporizhzhia

After the Russian full scale invasion into Ukraine, occupied cities of the Ukrainian South have been controlled by various occupation “guard dogs” – “police”, “security services” or “commandant’s offices”. Their main task is to support the Russian occupation regime, “to clean” occupied cities from disloyal residents, to suppress resistance, to abduct and torture pro-Ukrainian activists,…

Occupation administrations of Zaporizhzhia region: Melitopol and raion

In order to manage occupied part of Zaporizhzhia region, Russia set up occupation authorities – “military civil administrations” (MCA). Our material “Russian “government”of occupied Zaporizhzhia region” covered Russian regional administration. Invaders divided occupied territory into five parts or five raions with respective administrations: Melitopolsky, Berdyansky, Vasylivsky, Energodarsky and Pologivsky.  The Center for Journalist Investigations found…

Russian “government” of occupied Zaporizhzhia region: Russian and Crimean appointees and local traitors

Russian occupation authorities on the occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia region organized the so-called “military civil administration of the oblast” (MCA). That is to say, “government” and its ministries, “departments” and “divisions” belong to the MCA. Its current website presents only traitor Yevhen Balytsky (he is also an “acting governor of the oblast”), his deputy Mykhailo…

How Russian Federal Security Service falsifies «terrorist» case against Melitopol residents – Volodymyr Zuev, Andrii Golubev, Oleksandr Zhukov, Igor Gorlov, Yuri Petrov

The Center for Journalist Investigations continues a series of publications about Ukrainians on occupied territories whom Russian special services abducted, tortured, knocked out «confessions» and accused of preparing «acts of international terrorism». Current article is about five Melitopol residents whom the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) appointed as «terrorists». As FSB pretended, they prepared an…

There is one God and only one “right” church…

Russian invaders ban “wrong” religious organizations in occupied Melitopol. They seize premises of churches and force priests to leave. Only one confession feels itself safely on occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia region. It is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate…

«They will teach love for Russia». How occupants change educational system in Zaporizhzhia

The new wave of people’s evacuation started in Melitopol in the middle of June – many families with school age children leave the city. They do not want their children to be taught “under standards of the Russian Federation” or to be poisoned by propaganda, deceitful history or hatred towards anything Ukrainian. Melitopol became the…