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«GROM Kaskad». Who Fights against Ukraine in the First Russian Drone Brigade

The first Russian drone brigade «GROM «Kaskad» has been created in October 2023 and subordinated to the Russian Aerospace Forces. It has been initiated by Dmitrii Sablin, member of the Russian State Duma. He joined Russian Army on the first day of Russian invasion into Ukraine. He is reported as the commander of the brigade….

Pavlo Burlakov: Ukrainian public official at the service of Russian «Combat brotherhood»

Article below is the first part of investigation about Russian para-military organizations, companies and people fighting Ukraine within Russian Armed Forces. Our investigation focuses on the first Russian drone brigade called «GROM Kaskad». Dmitrii Sablin, member of Russian State Dume and First Deputy Head of Russian organization of war veterans «Combat brotherhood», is the initiator…

Команда російського ТОВ “Бегет” на новорічному корпоративі, 2016 р. Фото: vuspeh.ru
Beget in Vyshyvanka. How top Russian IT company works in Ukraine and on Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia

Russian hosting provider «Beget» is within top three hosting companies of the Russian Federation. It launched its work in Ukraine in 2012 by registering the company with the same name in Kyiv. Then, Russian founders from Sanct Petersburg left the Ukrainian company but the Center of Journalistic Investigations uncovered signs that they are still connected. …

Officers of «Sudoplatov Battalion» Disclosed

The Center of Journalist Investigations identified heads of headquarters, tactical medicine, commanders of companies and individual soldiers of Russian BARS-32, known under its self-name as «battalion named after Pavel Sudoplatov». We found Ukrainian policemen-traitors, Russian paratrooper and doctor-beekeeper, Crimean raider and briber etc.

Russian Drone Project «Archangel» in Occupied Crimea and Southern Ukraine

Russian project «Archangel» manufactures FPV-drones and trains Russian soldiers, «volunteers» from BARS squads and civilians willing to sign contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense. As Russian mass media reported, the network of «Archangel» includes training centers in 20 Russian cities and on occupied territories of Ukraine. Over one thousand drone operators have been trained…

Policeman-Traitor: Commander of Russian «Sudoplatov Battalion» Identified

Policeman-traitor Dmytro Pogrebnyak (call sign «Shaman») from Luhansk is the commander of illegal military unit «battalion named after Sudoplatov» fighting the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Zaporizhzhia region. He served in the special unit «Sokil» of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Bears” – on Stage. Russian Soldiers Trained in Crimea for the War in Ukraine and Africa

The 81st Russian special purpose brigade “Bears”, fighting Ukraine in Oleshki near Kherson, has been assembled and trained on training ground near Perevalne village in occupied Crimea. Separate “expeditionary corps” of “Bears” is being recruited for the “work” of Russian mercenaries abroad, in Africa.  “Bears” are closely connected with quasi-private military company “Redut”, controlled by…

царские волки рогозин
«Tsar Wolves»-2. Squads of BARS, their commanders and why this «brigade» is not PMC of Rogozin

«Tsar Wolves» is would-be military company, created and promoted in mass media by Dmitrii Rogozin, ex-member of the Russian State Duma, ex-Vice-Prime Minister of the Russian government, ex-Head of «Roscosmos» and current member of the Russian Senate «elected» in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia region. «Tsar Wolves» is the umbrella name for «military technological center»,…

дрон крим
«Crimean Federal University» trains Russian military operators of FPV-drones

The Crimean Federal University, set up by Russian occupants on the basis of stolen Ukrainian Tavriisky National University named after Vernadsky, launched school for training civilian and Russian military operators of kamikaze drones.  The Center for Journalist Investigations identified all persons involved in training Russian military operators of drones. 

«Tsar Wolves» and Rogozin. Stolen name, serving Karadzic and lobbying business

Name «Tsar Wolves» covers military technological center testing new weapons of Russian private designers, «Voluntary Russian assault brigade», BARS squads in Zaporizhzhia region and training centers for drone operators. This project has been actively promoted in Russian mass media by Dmitrii Rogozin, former member of Russian State Duma, Vice-Prime Minister and head of the State…