Kakhovka office of well known company “Unifer” suspended its activity


Після того, як російські військові вдерлися на територію каховської філії відомої серед аграріїв компанії з іноземним капіталом «Уніфер», її діяльність довелось призупинити. Вона була одним із найбільших платників податків до місцевого бюджету.

After Russian military invaded the territory of Kakhovka branch of company with foreign capital «Unifer», its activity was suspended. It was one of the largest taxpayers of the local community.

It was reported to the Center for Journalist Investigations by company's managers. «Since May 14, our Kakhovka branch has temporarily suspended its commercial activity. Oleksandr Karasevich is authorized to solve all further administrative issues regarding the management of the land plot, buildings and other property of Unifer LLC in Kakhovka,» as Dirk Rakov, General Director of Unifer LLC, said.

Oleksandr Karasevich confirmed this information. He is a well known person in Kakhovka, he was elected city mayor several times.

«Dirk Rakov asked me to take care of the enterprise – to keep it from being robbed, to have guards there, to water trees and cut the grass. The enterprise itself cannot work. Many of his products were exported abroad,» as Oleksandr Karasevich said.

According to Kakhovka residents, Russian armed soldiers invaded the territory of the Kakhovka branch of Unifer LLC as well as other nearby enterprises on May 14. The company itself refused to comment on this.

«We preserved all systems, sealed all warehouses and other premises. It is impossible to resume the work of the enterprise now, because almost all employees left Kakhovka», as Vasyl Braga, commercial director of Unifer LLC explained. 

Unifer LLC is a subsidiary of Unifer International GmbH (Elmenhorst, Germany), engaged in the distribution of fertilizers, irrigation systems, weather monitoring systems and agricultural machinery. It started its activity in Ukraine in 2001 in Kakhovka, and it re-registered its legal address in Kyiv in 2022.

Unifer LLC has always been one of the main taxpayers for the Kakhovka territorial community. According to deputy mayor of Kakhovka Ivan Orekhov, all local companies with foreign capital – PJSC «Chumak», LLC «Unifer», LLC «Cargill», LLC «Green Team» and LLC «Scanditex» paid to local community budget almost 44 million UAH of taxes during the first eight months of 2021.

As reported by the Center for Journalist Investigations, since middle of May well known Kakhovka JSC «Chumak» has been re-registered in Kyiv. The company was also forced to suspend the production of its products due to the temporary occupation of Kherson oblast.

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