Suicides caused by absence of vital drugs are registered in occupied Kherson region

В таких условиях на оккупированной Херсонщине сейчас продается лекарства Фото: Суспільне Херсон

Cases of suicides caused by absence of vital drugs and despair under Russian occupation were already registered in Kherson region.

The Center for Journalist Investigations identifies them in its material «Kherson region under occupation: drug shortage and permanent threat to life».

As CJI was told by inhabitant of a village in Beryslav community under conditions of anonymity, her 82 years old father committed suicide on June 20, as he did not have any possibilities to continue his medical treatment.

After the beginning of Russian full scale invasion, an inhabitant had to leave her native village with her children. But she kept contacts with her parents and supported them financially.

As she told, her father committed suicide after he ran out of drugs prescribed by a doctor. He suffered from psychic disorders and drugs helped him to cope with disease.

«Problems with mobile communication worsened the situation: it disappeared on May 30 and we could not call him, calm him and hear his voice. As internet connection was also cut, he could not withdraw his pension from bank card. As an outcome, he suffered from depression and committed suicide. We could not make his funerals – and this disaster happened because of this damned war», as woman said.

The Center for Journalist Investigations is aware about another case of suicide in Kakhovka district. Man committed suicide because he was in despair caused by inability to provide drugs and other vital things to his family.

After Russian full scale invasion, inhabitants of Kherson region suffered from free access to vital drugs, food etc. As an occupying power, Russia must support the population of occupied territory. On the contrary, Russians created shortage of everything – from drugs to food products. Their purpose is to make disloyal population dependent on occupants.

At the same time, occupants robbed many drugstores and food shops in Kherson region and stole them from their legitimate owners. They started bringing drugs and products from Crimea. Their prices are far more expensive than before occupation or on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government.

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