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Валерій Чорнобук (посередині) разом з адвокатом Костянтином Грицишеним після судового засідання у Печерському районному суді Києва 22 вересня 2020 року. Фото:
Accused of state treason Chornobuk mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Former Crimean judge Valerii Chornobuk, accused of the state treason, managed to be mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Dnipro. He used mobilization to stop court consideration of his case in Kyiv. 

Harmful impact of telegram channel of separatist Shevtsov on relatives of Ukrainian prisoners of war

The Center for Journalist Investigations has recently reported about current activity of Anton Shevtsov, separatist from Sevastopol, former head of police in Vinnytsia region, who was dismissed under the pressure of civic activists from Automaidan and Ukrainian veterans, detained but then released. Seven years passed, and the State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) served him…

What is known about Prigozhin-Aksyonov’s mercenary «Convoy»?

Assault reconnaissance unit «Convoy» of so-called «Aksyonov people» is part of «Livadia» battalion, the second battalion created by «Head of Crimea» Sergei Aksyonov. The first battalion is called «Cossack assault battalion «Tavrida» headed by traitor Anton Syrotkin, Aksyonov’s friend and the chief of «Black Sea Cossack Troops». Commander of «Livadia» is unknown. However, video of…

Following Prigozhin’s steps, Aksyonov created his own private military companies

Crimean propagandists glorify not only mercenaries of Prigozhin, Putin’s favorite, but also mercenaries of «Crimean governor» Sergey Aksyonov. He has his own private military company, too. How Aksyonov makes friends with Prigozhin and develops his own mercenary troops?

Port Rats. Who help Russian occupants plunder Ukraine?

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine ordered the closure of sea ports «Berdyansk», «Mariupol», «Skadovsk» and «Kherson» on April 30, 2022. Ports will stay closed until their liberation from Russian occupation. At the same time, Russian occupants use infrastructure of occupied ports to steal grain and metal from occupied territory of the Ukrainian South. Their…

How Crimean hotel Mriya keeps winning the British World Travel Awards

Situated near Yalta on the southern coast of the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula, the hotel Mriya Resort & Spa has been on the list of winners of the London-based World Travel Awards (WTA) since 2015. This year the hotel won two trophies, the titles of Europe’s Leading Leisure Resort 2021 and Europe’s Leading Luxury Family Resort 2021. And not just that. Mriya’s affiliate,…

How Russia legalizes in MarineTraffic the theft of Ukrainian ships

Marine Traffic, the popular online service to track ship traffic, indicates in its database that the State Unitary Enterprise «Chernomorneftegaz» illegally created by Russia owns ships of the «Chornomornaftogaz» fleet stolen from Ukraine. It also gives their illegally changed names and the flag. This data fully contradicts the register of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)…

“Ilmenite Scheme” of Firtash: Czech Connection

For the production of titanium dioxide, the plant of Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash located on the territory of occupied Crimea needs ilmenite. It is extracted in Zhytomyr oblast and supplied by various ways to the peninsula. In order to avoid Crimean sanctions, the so-called “ilmenite scheme” is used: each element of the scheme is legitimate…

«New Kazan» in Foros: How Tatarstan Senior Officials Colonize the Crimean Seashore

Senior public officials of Russian Tatarstan and related business colonized Crimean Foros. Corrupted clans of «Kazan people» buy lands and destroy the famous park-monument by their buildings. Families of Shaimiev, ex-President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ravil Muratov, ex-Vice-Prime-Minister and Advisor of the current President of Tatarstan, Asgat Safarov, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs and the…