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Олег Росляков Фото: blackseafleet-21
Oleg Roslyakov: Putin’s Volunteer Soldier

It is well known that Russian retired officers, including officers of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, played an important role in Russian occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. They were used to discipline and were well aware about location of troops of the Ukrainian Navy. They readily participated in taking «the city…

What we know about business of Gennadii Chastiakov, deceased assistant of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Assistant of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Gennadii Chastiakov, who died from the explosion of grenade near Kyiv on November 6, has been the supplier of fuel for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense from 2014. He had joint business with citizens of Belarus and Russia and has been a subject of journalist…

New Russian drone: prospective weapon or scam?

Absence of Russian military successes and hype over various drones laid down favorable conditions for Russian startups to develop and manufacture drones. Russian design bureau «OKO» with its drone «Privet-82» [Hello-82] has been among these startups. Its prospects are vague but there is noisy Russian media hype over its «cheapest and most effective» kamikaze drone….

Friends of Crimean occupation during the war: new faces

This material focuses mostly on new faces of «friends of Crimean occupation». Our previous article «Old friends of Crimean occupation during the war» highlighted those who have participated in Russian propagandist events since annexation of Crimea in 2014. In 2022, there were three large events of «International Association of friends of Crimea»: online conference on…

Сергій Аксенов і Хендрік Вебер. 06.06.2022. Фото:
Old «friends of Crimean occupation» during the war

Activity of Russian propagandist «International Association of friends of Crimea» depends upon Kremlin financial and managerial resources as well as participation of foreign members. The Center for Journalist Investigations highlighted Kremlin resources in our previous material «Friends of Crimean occupation during Great War: Muradov & Co». Now we focus on foreign members of the Association….

Friends of Crimean occupation during the Great War. Muradov & Co

Russian propagandist «International Association of friends of Crimea» continues its destructive work even under the Russian full scale invasion into Ukraine. Members of the Association from various countries complain about persecution, accuse Kyiv of initiating the war, urge to cancel sanctions against Russia and to stop international assistance to Ukraine, and to recognize Crimea as…

ЧВК Вагнер
Commander of «Wagner»: in the shade of Prigozhin

While owner of «Wagner» PMC enjoys media popularity, his mercenaries are commanded by people with far less media visibility. The Center for Journalist Investigations will uncover secrets of some Wagner commanders.

Russian military targets for Ukraine in Sevastopol. Mountains and Sea. 

Military objects of the southern shore of Sevastopol City protect the base of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation from the south. There are radar stations, warehouses of armament, and various special purpose units. That is to say there are more military targets for Ukrainian high precision weapons than in the northern side…

Russian military targets for Ukraine in Sevastopol. The Northern Side.

The territory of Sevastopol is full of Russian military objects. Sevastopol City and neighboring villages can be called the giant naval base. Several hundred thousand civilians live among military units, warehouses, bases, anti-aircraft regiments and berths for military ships. This overview is published to inform them about safety hazards.  Unlike previous materials, the overview of…

Russian military targets for Ukraine on the Kerch Peninsula

Since Soviet times the Kerch Peninsula has been used as the military training ground. Under Ukrainian independence Russia trained its troops there – until its occupation  in 2014. The need to control the Kerch Strait and security of the Kerch Bridge determined the profile of Russian military objects in Kerch City. Besides that, radar and…