Large volumes of water discharged at occupied Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant flood Nova Kakhovka

Каховского водохранилища

Occupied Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant named after Petro Neporozhnii has to dump large volumes of water as two hydraulic units do not work and they cannot be repaired under occupation. As an outcome, the embankment and city park named after Stepan Faldzynskyi in Nova Kakhovka are already flooded. Surrounding villages and Kherson are under threat.

As reported by residents of Nova Kakhovka in local telegram channels, Russian occupants opened floodgates at Kakhovka HPP. There is an uncontrolled discharge of water. The embankment of Nova Kakhovka was already flooded. If it will continue, surrounding villages and Kherson may also be flooded”, as local residents write.

The information about forced discharge of water was confirmed to the Center for Journalist Investigations by an employee of Kakhovka HPP under conditions of anonymity.

As the hydroelectric plant is occupied, we are unable to repair two hydraulic units. They do not work, thats why we are forced to discharge water from Kakhovka
Reservoir. In fact, we simply drain it and lose money, he said. The CJI could not get comment from private joint stock company Ukrhydroenergo General director of Ukrhydroenergo Ihor Syrota reported at the end of March, that one of six hydraulic units stopped working at Kakhovka HPP. The director and chief engineer of the HPP convinced occupants to allow operational personnel entering their working places. We explained that when there is a flood, it is necessary to dump water, in order to prevent destruction of dam or other accidents”. We lost one unit at HPP. We will tell more details after the war”, as he said in an interview to Interfax Ukraine.

Referring to an expert whose identity undisclosed for security reasons, “Vgoru” media explained that in case of damage or even complete destruction of Kakhovka dam, consequences will not be catastrophic for people. “In case of damage, the water will run out during long period of time. The flood will not happen, though, significant flooding is unavoidable”, as an expert said.

It should be reminded that Russian occupants coming from temporary occupied Crimea seized Kakhovka HPP and main structure of North Crimean channel in Tavriisk at approximately 12:00 of the 24 th of February. The channel covered 80% of Crimean water demand. Its supply was stopped after occupation of Crimea. It caused serious problems for Russia in securing water supply to
occupied territory.

More detailed description is given in CJI’s investigation “How occupants seized North Crimean channel?

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О 4 годині ранку 24 лютого 2022 року президент рф Володимир Путін заявив про проведення «спеціальної військової операції» на окупованому Донбасі. росія завдала ракетних ударів по території України і розпочала пряме повномасштабне вторгнення на чотирьох напрямках. Збройні сили України дають відсіч ворогові, план бліцкрігу — захопити Київ за два-три дні — провалився, російська армія відступила від столиці. Російські військові вчиняють тисячі воєнних злочинів та злочинів проти людяності на всій території України.

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