Russian occupants robbed the office of charitable organization “Insha” in Kherson and broke into the Roma youth center in Kakhovka

херсонская область

Russian occupants broke into the office of the «Insha»; charitable organization in Kherson and took away almost all equipment. Activists also report the disappearance of one volunteer.

Marina Usmanova, director of charitable organization «Insha», informed about it on her page.

Today I watched a video about how occupants robbed our office. Our wonderful spacious community center «Insha»; in the center of Kherson, where we held exhibitions, lectures, parties… Where there were many meetings, many holidays, many plans, as Maryna Usmanova wrote.

She also reported that one of volunteers disappeared. She told that her friends managed to rescue works of art and art objects in the office.
«I think when we return, we will have to make an exhibition called «Rescued». It’s very confusing – we thought about posting video, photos of the office before and after. But we decided not to do it, in order
not to provoke them to return and destroy what was left» Maryna Usmanova said.

Russian occupants broke into the premises of the Roma youth center in temporary occupied Kakhovka. It was announced on May 22 by the head of the public organization Society of Gypsies of the Southern Region Romano Than Yanush Panchenko.

«Russians broke into the Roma youth center. On the positive side, there was nothing valuable inside, tens of kilograms of gold were also not found, although the door itself was broken. It happened in the morning of May 9. They congratulated us with “the Day of Victory” in such a way”, he said.

The Roma youth center was going to be opened this year. It had to become the first such institution in Ukraine. It was planned to hold educational, human rights and cultural events. In particular, activists announced the opening of photo exhibition in the center on August 2, when the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Roma Genocide is celebrated.

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