Russian occupants issued fake news about “long queues” for Russian passports in Genichesk raion


Residents of Genichesk, applicants for Russian passports, report that occupation authorities informed them about “long queue” for Russian passports (around “21 thousand people”).

Before the Russian occupation, 57 846 people including 7 932 children were registered in Genichesk community. After Russian occupation the population of community significantly decreased. 

Around half of a population still resides in Genichesk raion (28 923 people), in accordance with the information of the Center for Journalist Investigations. This number includes children up to 14 years old who are not eligible to receive passports of the Russian Federation. 

Genichesk occupation administration forces all residents, recipients of the Russian social benefits, to apply for passports of the Russian Federation, according to the information of CJI. 

If people refuse to apply for Russian passports, then, occupation authorities deprive them of pensions and other social benefits and assistance. It should be emphasized that the country-occupant must provide social assistance to the people on occupied territory without any conditions, in accordance with the international humanitarian law. 

Russian occupants also told teachers and personnel of governmental organizations: if you would like to work and receive a salary, you must receive the Russian passport. 

Local teachers-collaborators of Genichesk community visited Genichesk and applied for Russian passports. They do not understand that “new Russian citizens” will immediately become subjects of Russian military mobilization or deportation to Russia. 

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