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Production facilities of Swedish-Ukrainian JSC «Chumak» have been looted by Russian occupants in Kherson region after the Russian invasion. Recently, large quantities of tomato juice, sauce and pasta have been found on the shelves of Simferopol hypermarket «7M beztsen». As Russian occupants failed to resume the production of «Chumak» in...

Russian invaders continue looting factories on the left bank of occupied Kherson region. They robbed modern asphalt plant opened in Nova Kakhovka in 2020 and closed “Chumak” factory in Kakhovka in the middle of November.

Russian invaders occupied production facilities of large private enterprises of Kherson region: JSC «Chumak», Kakhovka branch of «Cargill», Novakakhovka river port etc. Russian occupation authorities are going to transfer them under «external management» of Russian companies. They initiated registration of seized Ukrainian assets and legal entities in the Russian jurisdiction,...

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