Russian occupants looted asphalt plant and closed “Chumak” factory in occupied Kherson region

Asphalt factory in Nova Kakhovka (capacity – 130 tons per hour). Photo:

Russian invaders continue looting factories on the left bank of occupied Kherson region. They robbed modern asphalt plant opened in Nova Kakhovka in 2020 and closed “Chumak” factory in Kakhovka in the middle of November.

As it has been reported by local residents to the Center for Journalist Investigations

As of November 18, Russian occupants completely looted new asphalt plant owned by LLC “ABZ-Invest” registered in Khmelnytska oblast (it is a branch of JSC “Khmelnytske ShBU #56”). Russians took away all equipment and trailers; only one asphalt mixer was left, as local residents reported.   

“Occupants have tried to loot equipment and machines of asphalt plant since March. Personnel of the plant hid some equipment and made other equipment inoperable. But now Russians target main facilities of the plant in the city”, as local residents said.  

Russian occupants also finally closed production facilities of JSC “Chumak” located in Kakhovka. They “fired” all workers, including guards, and confiscated accounting documents and remnants of raw materials. Besides that, the factory suffered from shelling on November 24. 


JSC “Chumak”. Photo:

JSC “Chumak”, the company with foreign investments, changed its registration address in the middle of May from temporarily occupied Kakhovka to the Kyiv address of “Delta Wilmar Ukraine” company. Both companies have the same final beneficiary. 

As CJI reported, Russian invaders announced the “re-launch” of older asphalt factory in Nova Kakhovka in June 2022. This factory is owned by local municipal company “Novokakhovske shljakhove-ekspluatatsijne upravlinnja”. Collaborator Volodymyr Starodubtsev was appointed by occupants as the “responsible person” for the “re-launch”. Starodubtsev has been the owner of taxi service in Nova Kakhovka before the Russian aggression.

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