Russian occupants appointed “the head of local administration” of Nova Zburivka in Kherson oblast.

Назначенные оккупантами гауляйтерка Новой Збурьевки Наталья Бебешко и гауляйтер несуществующего Голопристанского «района» Геннадий Недялков Фото: скриншот видео

Russian occupants appointed Bebeshko Natalia Mykolaivna as “the head of local administration” of Nova Zburivka in Gola Prystan territorial community of Skadovsk district. Before occupation she worked in the village council. 

She was presented by Gennadii Nedjalkov, head of Gola Prystan district, as reported by Russian propaganda media. 15 people attended the presentation, as can be seen on video posted by Russian propagandists. Natalia Bebeshko promised to launch the work of rural secondary schools on the 1st of September, in accordance with Russian “standards”. She expressed her hope that occupants “renewed the work of closed enterprises”. Before Russian occupation, she worked in local village council and headed rural center of social services for families, youth and children. In 2010 she was elected a deputy of village council from the Party of Regions of Ukraine, in 2015 she was also elected a deputy, but without any party affiliation.

In 2020 Nova Zburivka rural council was liquidated as an outcome of administrative and territorial reform. It was attached to Gola Prystan territorial community whereas former Gola Prystan district was attached to Skadovsk district. 

As the CJI reported, unemployed Aljona Rotonos was appointed by Russian occupants as “the head of administration” of Stara Zburivka of Gola Prystan territorial community. After Russian occupation, several residents of this village were abducted, tortured and threatened. Rural teachers were pressured to resume their work in accordance with “Russian standards”. 

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