«Head of Kakhovka district» Leontjev strengthened access control in all instutions: Russian occupants threaten to arrest local residents

Владимир Леонтьев, назначенный оккупантами «глава Каховского административного района»

Russian occupants strengthened access control in all municipal and governmental institutions of Kakhovka district. Violators are threatened with 3 days arrest, in accordance with «decree» # 97-P from July 13, 2022 issued by  Volodymyr Leontjev, «head of Kakhovka district» and collaborator.

As the Center for Journalist Investigations reports, under «access control» all people entering above mentioned institutions will be searched, in order to uncover «an evidence of their possible participation in terrorist action on the territory of Kakhovka administrative district». All «suspicious persons» will be transferred to the Russian Armed Forces and occupation «law-enforcement bodies». There is no precise definition of «evidence». It can be anything: selfie with Ukrainian flag made 10 years ago; ringtone as the Ukrainian anthem etc. Anybody is at risk of becoming hostage of Russian invaders.

As the CJI reported, Volodymyr Leontjev «introduced» «temporary access control regime» on the territory of all municipal enterprises and institutions including secondary schools, kindergartens and professional training schools. These restrictions were aimed at forbidding access for legitimate managers and personnel of institutions who refused to cooperate with occupation authorities.

Collaborator Volodymyr Saldo appointed by Russian occupants issued «decree» on July 14, 2022 about «bringing to responsibility» people who «disseminate false information about Russian authorities». He threatened to expel all «violators» out of Kherson region within 24 hours. However, he did not clarify where exactly «violators» will be expelled.

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