Back to the Soviet past: Russian occupants revive “Palace of pioneers” and rename theatres in Kherson

Collaborator Oleksandr Babii, Photo: screenshot of the Russian propaganda video

Occupation “administration” of Kherson actively “renames” cultural and educational institutions of the city. Recently its representatives announced that the Palace of children’s and youth creativity would be called “Palace of pioneers”. Its “opening” is planned for September 15. Invaders and their collaborators already “renamed” two theatres. New “directors” are appointed in all occupied institutions.

Residents of Kherson informed the Center for Journalist Investigations about these events. Information about new “directors” was published by Russian propaganda telegram channels. 

“We will revive old traditions” – this is how occupants explained the necessity “to rename” Kherson Palace of children’s and youth creativity into the “Palace of pioneers”. They found new “director” Oleksandr Babii for this “Palace”. Local teachers do not know this person. 

“Director” of the “Palace of pioneers” informed that he was going to open many sections for children in the Palace: “skillful hands”, choreography, martial arts, vocal etc. 

“Though we do not have teachers, we will revive these sections”, as Oleksandr Babii persuaded. 

Occupants “renamed” Kherson Oblast Academic Puppet Theatre. They called it the “theatre for young viewers” and organized “grand opening” with erotic premiere show for adults “Drama. Absurd. Seagull”.

Poderecha Oleksandr Ivanovych was appointed as the “director” of this theatre. He was in Odessa on February 7, 1984. He calls himself “a simple restaurant musician”. As he said, before the Russian occupation, he sang “Russian chanson” in restaurants of Odesa and Moscow oblast and organized concerts. Poderecha is registered as the physical person-enterpreneur in the sphere of theatre and concert activity. 

Collaborator Oleksandr Poderecha

Russian occupants “renamed” Kherson Oblast Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Mykola Kulish into “Kherson Oblast Russian Academic Music and Drama Theatre”. They announced recruitment of actors, painters and ballet artists. They recognized acute shortage of personnel and invited people without any relevant education. 

As CJI reported, occupants appointed former guard of the theatre Valerii Sheludko as the “director” of occupied theatre named after Mykola Kulish. 

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