Occupants looted storage workshop of spirits of JSC “Tavria” and banned transportation between banks of Dnipro.

Barrels with spirits of JSC “House of cognacs “Tavria”, Nova Kakhovka. Photo: uabestwine.com

Russian occupants looted storage workshop of spirits of JSC “House of cognacs “Tavria”, banned transportation between Dnipro banks and continue to “evacuate” local residents. Shops in Kherson are empty; there are almost no food products.

The Center for Journalist Investigations was informed about it by local residents and Volodymyr Kovalenko, the mayor of Nova Kakhovka. 

Recent posts in social media reported about robbery by occupants of equipment and spirits of JSC “House of cognacs “Tavria”. Though, there is no reliable confirmation. 

“Witnesses told me that occupants remove everything from the storage workshop of spirits of the company. Trucks enter, occupants make smoke to hide what they are doing there”, as city mayor Volodymyr Kovalenko commented. 

As he says, occupants continue “to evacuate” local people. Every day buses go to Nova Kakhovka, Dnipryany and other settlements and pick up people willing to go to Russia. A few people come. 

There are almost no goods in shops. Empty shelves and small selection of goods is observed in trade centers confiscated and then “opened” by occupants. People in villages try to do their routine affairs by 10 a.m. and avoid drunken “liberators” in the afternoon. 

Occupants banned transportation by river transport after November 7. The “boat taxi” was very useful for residents but their work is also banned. Settlements of Novokakhovka community on both banks of Dnipro are cut from each other. 

Occupants entrench along Dnipro and settle into houses of local people. 

As CJI reported, Russian invaders forcibly removed 98 patients of “Dnipryansky psycho-neurological house” located on the left bank of Dnipro. 

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