Russian occupants abducted two volunteers in Melitopol

Ярослав Жук та Ілля Єнін

The Russian invaders continue to abduct civilians on occupied territories of southern Ukraine. In occupied Melitopol Russian soldiers kidnapped 22 years old volunteer Ilya Yenin from his own home at night on June 18. This is reported by the Center for Journalistic Investigations.

As his brother Danyil said, Ilya’s wife, two small children and a grandmother were in the house. «15 armed soldiers came for the search. It is not clear what they were looking for, but they started beating Ilya right at home. After the search, they took my brother’s phone, told not to wait for him soon and took him to an unknown destination», as he said.

Yaroslav Zhuk was kidnapped in Melitopol on the same date. The sister reports that «armed people broke into the house, shot in the air, scared a small child».

Local residents told the Center for Journalistic Investigations that the Russian occupants abduct students, military personnel, public officials and policemen. Most of them are released after a few days, but many are held for more than a week.

At the same time, the Russian special services are looking for organized groups among the citizens of Melitopol, which seem to be helping the «resistance movement» (partisans – ed.). After torture and psychological pressure, people agree to make any confessions on camera.

According to Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration, as of the evening of June 17, 2022, 347 civilians were held hostage by the occupants. 206 have been released and 141 remain hostages.

Artur Yaroshevskyi, 18 years old student of the Melitopol College, was kidnapped earlier. His location, like most of the abducted people, is unknown.

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