Who Manages Russian «Police Offices» in Occupied Kherson Region?

полиция геническ

Traitors from Crimea and Donetsk region and local collaborators manage illegally created «police departments» in temporarily occupied Kherson region. Almost all of them started their activity since the beginning of the Russian full scale invasion in Ukraine. Their task has been to overcome any resistance to the Russian occupation. They apply illegal persecution, detainment, tortures and killing of peaceful residents who oppose Russian aggression.

Russian occupants concealed real heads of the «police», in order to avoid criminal responsibility for war crimes on «new Russian territories». But Russian aggressors registered these «offices» in the Russian Single State Register of Legal Entities in March 2023. Using this data, the Center for Journalist Investigations uncovered «heads» of illegally created «law enforcement bodies» of occupied Kherson region.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs created its 12 departments and offices on occupied part of Kherson region. They decided not to register offices of occupation police on the territory of region liberated from Russian occupants (though, the Russian Service overseeing prisons registered in the Russian Register colonies located on liberated territory). It is known that such offices were active in Kherson, Beryslav and Bilozerka under Russian occupation.

Names of Russian occupation bodies are unusual. They do not contain reference to Kherson region but they do have references to settlements.

Kakhovka: traitor Anatolii Dusenko from Crimean Simeiz

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs set up its «office» in Kakhovka on March 7, 2023 under the name «Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation «Kakhovsky». Crimean traitor Anatolii Anatoliyovych Dusenko (date of birth 19.11.1970) became its «head».

Dusenko was born in Simeiz village of Yalta City Council. He worked as an attorney. After Russian occupation and annexation of Crimea, Anatolii Dusenko has headed non-governmental organization «territorial self-government «Simeiz». It has been created in February 2017. 33 local «deputies» joined the organization.

After Russian full scale invasion, Dusenko has collaborated with occupation administration in Kherson region. He has been appointed as the head of «office» of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs in Kakhovka at the end of 2022.

Anatolii Dusenko, collaborator. Photo: social media

His predecessor has been local collaborator Oleg Bukhovets, former deputy from the Ukrainian Party of Regions. Russian occupants appointed him as the «head of Kakhovka police» on April 1, 2022. He escaped from Kakhovka after Russian military detained his friend Vitalii Efimenko, the first deputy head of neighboring Nova Kakhovka. Efimenko was accused of organizing «criminal gang» which robbed and beat local wealthy businessmen under the pretext they cooperated with «Ukrainian nationalists». Since then Vitalii Efimenko has been detained by Russian occupation authorities. Oleg Bukhovets fled to Crimea.

The Kherson Region Prosecutor’s Office completed pre-trial investigation into Oleg Bukhovets’ collaborator activity (part 7 of article 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) on May 20, 2023. He faces up to 15 years of imprisonment. It seems that he has to flee and hide from Ukrainian and Russian justice at the same time.

Nova Kakhovka: Vadym Spirin from Crimean Yalta

Spirin Vadym Vasylyovych was born in Crimean Yalta on April 19, 1971. Before Russian full scale invasion, he managed housing cooperative in Yalta and worked in the department of municipal economy of Yalta City Council. After the Russian invasion, he has worked as the head of criminal investigation unit of occupation «police» in Genichesk.

Vadym Spirin, collaborator. Photo: social media

In Nova Kakhovka, Vadym Spirin worked as the specialist on municipal economy in local occupation administration. Then, he has been appointed as the head of the «department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation». His predecessor has been local resident Anatolii Sukhovytsky, as confirmed by various sources, including website «Myrotvorets».

Nyzhni Sirogozy: Igor Savchenko, ex-assistant of liquidated Member of Parliament Zhuravko

«Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation «Nizhneserogozskoe» in Nyzhni Sirogozy of Genichesk raion» has been headed by Savchenko Igor Viktorovych (date of birth – August 12, 1976). He was born in Crimean Djankoi. In 2007-2012, he has worked as an assistant of Oleksii Zhuravko, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament from the Party of Regions, traitor, liquidated in occupied Kherson in September 2022. In 2020, Savchenko ran for elections to Kherson City Council from political party «Propozytsia». He did not win elections.

After Russian occupation of Kherson region, Igor Savchenko has headed occupation police office in «Komsomolsky raion» of Kherson (it is «Korabelny raion» renamed by occupants).

Data from the Ukrainian Single Register of Court Decisions demonstrates that Igor Savchenko had large indebtedness before the war. Kherson City Court had to consider lawsuit submitted by one Ukrainian bank against Savchenko in March 2022.

Novotroitske: traitor Sergii Lyashko

Eduard Bondarenko has been the first head of occupation police in Novotroitske village of Genichesk raion. Lyashko Sergii Volodymyrovych became his successor. He was in Gromivka village on December 5, 1990. He graduated from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs and worked as local policeman in Genichesk raion.

Sergii Lyashko, collaborator. Photo: social media

During Russian occupation Lyashko returned to Novotroitske. He started working as «deputy head of police on public security». As local residents reported, Lyashko participated in abduction and torturing of his fellow policemen, He threatens their relatives living on the occupied territory.

32 years old Sergii Lyashko is not the only traitor in his family. His uncle Lyashko Sergii Ivanovych (date of birth – July 18, 1971) is the «head» of Gromivka village of Novotroitsk territorial community.

Genichesk: collaborator Volodymyr Kalchenko

Kalchenko Volodymyr Sergiyovych (date of birth – July 19, 1987) started working as the head of police department of Genichesk before its official registration in the Russian Register on March 3, 2023.

Volodymyr Kalchenko, collaborator

He was served with suspicion in collaborator activity on August 27, 2022. Ukrainian investigators found out that Volodymyr Kalchenko joined Russian occupants and headed occupation police of Genichesk in May 2022. He is responsible for the forced passportization of Ukrainian citizens. He recruits personnel for «the service of visas and passports» and supervises its work.

Volodymyr Kalchenko was born in Saki of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. He resides in Novooleksiivka village of Genichesk territorial community. He is police captain. He started his career as line policeman. From 2017 until 2020, he has worked as the head of HR unit of Genichesk police department. In 2019, he has been an official observer from candidate Petro Poroshenko at presidential elections.

Ivanivka: traitor Ruslan Gordienko

«Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation «Ivanovskoe» in Ivanivka village of Genichesk raion» has been headed by Ruslan Yakovych Gordienko. He was born in Susanine village of Pervomaisk raion of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on November 2, 1979.

Collaborator Ruslan Gordienko. Photo: social media

Before the Russian full scale invasion, Ruslan Gordienko has worked as police district officer in Genichesk raion department of police in Kherson region. He voluntarily joined Russian occupants and was promoted to the deputy head of occupation department of police in Genichesk and then to Ivanivka village.

Gornostaivka: Sergey Krets from Moscow region

«Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation «Gornostaevsky»  in Gornostaivka village of Kakhovka raion has been headed by Sergei Vladimirovich Krets (possible date of birth is January 20, 1977).

He is the citizen of the Russian Federation. From October 2019 till November 2022, he has been registered as an individual entrepreneur in Balashykha city of Moscow region (transportation services). Sergei Krets could have been Russian soldier fighting on the territory of occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

In 2022, Russian occupants placed their commandant’s office in the building of Gornostaivka department of police. They used it as prison and torturing chamber for abducted civilians.

The police station in neighboring Velyka Lepetykha village has been headed by collaborator Buksanchuk Volodymyr Teofilovych in 2022. He was born in Rivne region on December 17, 1960. Website «Myrotvorets» also reports about him but calls him mistakenly the head of Velyka Lepetykha.

The Russian Single State Register of Legal Entities does not contain information about registration of Russian police department or unit in Velyka Lepetykha.

Chaplynka: Sergii Berezin, mercenary from «Donetsk People’s Republic»

Kakhovka district Prosecutor’s Office served suspicion in collaborator activity to Igor Shyroky, 54 old pensioner of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the end of 2022. Investigators found out that he voluntarily headed «department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation» in Chaplynka village of Kakhovka raion in May 2022. The building of the unit of the National Police of Ukraine in Chaplynka has been turned into one of the most brutal torture chambers in Kherson region.

Collaborator Sergii Berezin. Photo: social media

Sergii Yevgenovych Beresin has been appointed as the new head of Russian police in Chaplynka. He was born in Makiivka of Donetsk region on May 30, 1984. He worked in Yasynuvata occupation department of police of «Donetsk People’s Republic». As residents of Chaplynka report, he personally tortures civilians abducted by Russian occupants. 

Oleshky: Crimean traitor Volodymyr Koryanov

Koryanov Volodymyr Vyacheslavovych has not been the first head of «Aleshkinsky» department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation» (date of birth is 20.10.1977). He came to Oleshky from Bilozerka before its liberation from Russian occupants. He headed occupation police of Bilozerka village.

He came to Kherson region from Crimea. Before the Russian occupation and illegal annexation of Crimean peninsula, Volodymyr Koryanov worked as a senior detective of criminal police on youth affairs of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Crimea. In 2013, he was praised by honorable diploma of Azov-Chernomorske regional department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Collaborator Volodymyr Koryanov. Photo: social media

After the Russian invasion into Ukraine in 2014, Volodymyr Koryanov has worked as deputy head of the unit on youth affairs of the occupation Ministry of Internal Affairs of Crimea and then as deputy head of the police department on public security issues in Sudak. Since 2020, he has worked as the head of migration office of illegal police department in Sudak.

Gola Prystan: Crimean ex-businessman Sergii Bevzuk 

Local policeman Sergii Buzukin has been the first head of occupation police in Gola Prystan of Skadovsk raion. He has been fired by Russian occupants on corruption charges. Sergii Vasylyovych Bevzuk has been appointed as his successor. There is no reliable information about him.

«We all knew Buzukin. We do not know who is Se2rgii Bevzuk. This surname is widespread in our city. For example, collaborator Valentyn Bevzuk is the head of «department on sports, tourism and youth affairs» of Russian occupation authorities», as reported Svitlana Linnyk, the head of legitimate Goloprystanska Military City Administration.

We found an account in social media of 38 years old Sergii Bevzuk from Kherson who now lives in Gola Prystan. We called him but he persuaded us that he had nothing to do with police.

From 2015 till 2020, Sergii Bevzuk, current head of occupation police in Gola Prystan, has been registered as an individual entrepreneur in occupied Crimea (grain trade; retail trade of food products, drinks and tobacco).

Skadovsk: Kerch traitor Sergii Naberezhny

Sergii Anatoliyovych Naberezhny has been appointed as the head of the «department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation» in Skadovsk (his date of birth – 04.12.1976).

Collaborator Sergii Naberezhny. Photo: social media

From 2020 till 2021, he has worked as the head of department on municipal economy and housing of the occupation administration of Kerch. Then, he left this position, as reported Russian propagandists.

Kalanchak: unknown Sergii Scheglov

Russian department of occupation police in Kalanchak of Skadovsk raion has been headed by Sergii Viktorovych Scheglov. We do not have reliable information about him but we will find out…